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Bookkeeping Services in Columbia

Accurate and organized financial records are critical to ensuring your business runs efficiently and profitably. If you are a small business owner, our monthly bookkeeping services will allow us to locate and correct errors.  You will have accurate and timely financial information to help you make sound business decisions. We are dedicated to providing expert business bookkeeping services in Columbia, SC so that you can focus on growing your business.

Small Business Bookkeeping from a CPA

The accounting and bookkeeping staff at J W Hunt has expertise that small business owners can leverage for their success. Good bookkeeping practices are at the core of a proper accounting strategy, so it’s important to lay the right foundation in order to manage your cash flow. J W Hunt's small business bookkeeping services include:

• Entering accounting transactions
• Posting payroll information
• Reconciling accounts
• Recording adjusting journal entries
• Preparing financial statements
• Filing payroll returns

Bookkeeping assistance from an accounting expert allows you to step away from sorting receipts and invoices at your desk and devote yourself to managing your employees and serving your clients. Establishing good bookkeeping practices sets your business up for higher-level accounting tasks, including creating the right tax plan and planning for your business’s future.

As business owners themselves, the partners at J W Hunt understand what it takes for a small business to be successful, which allows them to create the bookkeeping strategy that’s right for your company’s growth and development. J.W. Hunt and Company, LLP is also dedicated to providing accurate and timely information at all times.  We offer QuickBooks hosting for easy access to the latest bookkeeping software as well as a secure portal for transfer of important files.

The J W Hunt Experience

J W Hunt has been a part of the Columbia, SC community since 1934, helping businesses just like yours get organized and thrive. Our staff has a wide variety of experience helping business owners with everything from launching a business to general business accounting to the buying and selling of a business. J W Hunt’s practice, both in client diversity and complexity, rivals that of any national firm in the state.  We offer all of our clients personal attention and involvement. Our staff includes a certified QuickBooks Pro Advisor who knows how to use QuickBooks as a tool to help you manage your business.  We also train and provide support for QuickBooks users.

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If bookkeeping activities are taking time away from running and growing your business, put your small business bookkeeping duties in the hands of experts. J W Hunt offers consultations for Columbia, SC bookkeeping services in order to help you meet your goals.

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