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As a business owner, you may have taken out a loan or established a line-of-credit to finance your operations. Many lenders require an annual audit or review of your financial statements to be sure that you have instituted proper business controls and to assess your credit risk as a borrower. For a reliable examination of your financial documents, you can trust the accounting experts at J W Hunt for financial statement auditing in Columbia, SC.

What is a Financial Statement Audit?

An audit of your financial statements is an examination process, conducted by an objective third party, where certain aspects of your business are reviewed. A financial statement audit provides reasonable assurance that your company’s financial statements are fairly stated in all material respects. The auditor’s report is later provided to lenders or investors as further assurance of your company’s financial standing.

J W Hunt has been providing financial statement audits in Columbia, SC for many years. Many lenders require businesses to have their books audited each year; this audit process is important for instilling confidence in your business. Based on our audit, we will also suggest ways to improve controls and recommend opportunities for cost savings.

If your lender or investors have requested a financial audit, J W Hunt is happy to be your trusted source for an expert outside opinion.

J W Hunt – Reliable Audit Services in Columbia, SC

J W Hunt has been operating for 80 years and has extensive experience in providing financial statement audits for many business types, from contractor audits -- to ensure they are bonded and can bid on projects -- to audits for non-profits, establishing that they are meeting their tax and reporting obligations. Our staff understands what lenders and regulators require of business owners.

Because  the partners at J W Hunt pride  themselves on providing accurate and timely information, you can feel comfortable knowing that your auditing needs are being handled by professionals who have your concerns and goals in mind.

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Giving your lenders and regulators a report with a statement of confidence from a trusted CPA firm is essential to building a positive relationship with those who are financially involved in your company’s success. J W Hunt has the experience you need to get an expert review of your financial documents. For more information on obtaining a financial statement audit in Columbia, contact the CPAs at J W Hunt today!

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